Sunday, May 31, 2009

Am I a hipster?

As I sit in my living room wishing to be in my favorite local coffee shop, but can't be because it is Sunday and they are closed by 3pm, listening to the new Grizzly Bear record in my white ipod ear muffs, I can't help but feel a part of a emerging culture I never thought I was a part of in the first place. Last night a friend of mine, Danny who is married to my friend Stephanie Joy, approached me excited to see me and tell me about their new condo purchase in the Mission District in San Fran. After explaining their condo he stated, "you would love it there since you are a hipster, everyone looks like you there man."
After spending much of last week somewhere between 4th and 3rd street in Long Beach (a hipster gathering ground) I couldn't help but think to myself, this must be some crazy irony, I am in no way a hipster. Sadly though to quote someone who feels like a dear friend of mine, yet who I am only connect to through a glowing box, Phoebe, "Thats like the pervert modo. put one hand on your heart and the other in your pants and you recite that." Just stating "I am not a hipster" makes me feel even more like one, as I recite my practiced phrase with a hand on my heart while wearing a V-neck American Apparel Shirt, hovering over my new MacBook, listening to the new Indie Rock band that has vomited out another album, which I will like but not like.
I am not sure how or when I became a part of a movement which I had no idea I was a part of? Maybe it was during my week with Garret in Boulder, CO in late September? Maybe it was when I started questioning my daily trips to Starbucks? Or, maybe it was when I purchased my first V-neck shirt? I guess I will never know...but one think I can hope for is that in admitting it maybe it will help me get over this problem I never wish, I never knew I had. So here it goes...My name is Steven and I am a indie-coffee-shop-dive-bar-loving-V-neck-wearing-indie-rock-listening-wish-I-road-a-bike-MacBook-typing-hipster. WTF?
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

In 28 days...

In 28 short days the world will probably not be devoured by zombies, but I will be done with my masters degree! On June 13th I will walk. Yesterday I finished my last mid-term period of my masters degree and now only have a few assignments to get through till I finals week. Luckily because I am in my last quarter I only have one paper to worry about during that week, so it should be pretty easy compared to past finals weeks. It has been a long four years working away at another degree. I think the thing I am most excited about it not being in school! I have been in school since I started as a child in kindergarten, which comes out to something like 24 strait years (I repeated 5th grade bc. of my dyslexia). I am looking forward to reading for fun, doing nothing, hanging out with friends and my girlfriend, getting a full-time job, and I might even take up a hobby again (somehow college and my masters program stole my hobby of surfing away from me). I don't know what it is but lately I have been feeling that God is going to be doing something through me. I am not sure if this is just being in full-time ministry or something I do not really expect but I know that something in on the move. I am just praying it lets me pay off all of my loans from school. Hopefully I will be updating my blog as things unfold, but until then I love you all who read and care for me. Know you are also loved.