Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas Season reflection

It makes me a little sad that the Christmas season has come to an end. This year was, so far, the busiest December of my life. Maybe it was the late Thanksgiving or something but everything was so packed in. The first two weeks of December included finishing up my fall semester at Fuller, which included preaching twice, a paper on "My Life" by The Game, and a paper on the show Gossip Girl. It was a little sad to think that this would be my last Fall semester at Fuller in my life, but at the same time it felt really good to almost be done after 3 long years. This next Winter and Spring quarters will be my last at Fuller. Of course I have saved my hardest classes until the last few quarters. I will be taking a Hebrew intensive and Systematic Theology: Eccesiology and Eschatology. In the Spring I will take my last class, Old Testament Exegesis: Isaiah (Hebrew text).
To top off my paper load, I attended nine different Christmas gatherings/parties from December 1st to the 21st! It was really good to spend time with people I care for but after 3 weeks of parties one gets quiet tired. I guess being in leadership at a church equates many Christmas parties. My favorite party by far was our annual friend Christmas party. This year it was a the house I live in, in Glendora. The Christmas party is always my favorite party of the year at the house because it is the most low key. No one gets to crazy and for the most part it is just fun people, good conversations, and good times.
This Christmas was also the first time that Katie and I did the duel family Christmas thing. I spent Christmas Eve with her family in Arcadia, going to her families Church and eating tamales. The next morning I celebrated with Katie and her family their usual Christmas morning of opening presents and homemade cinnamon rolls. Around 11 am, Katie and I took off to my parents house in Riverside. Driving in rain it took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to my parents house. When we arrived we showered and got ready for the day. As is the usual Johnson family tradition, we watched the Lakers kick the Celtics butt! (Go Lakers!) When my sister and her husband arrived we paused the Lakers game (thank God for pausing live TV) and opened our families' Christmas presents. After Christmas presents were open Katie's family arrived at my parent's house. Quickly after they arrived, as well as other family members, we sat down for a Christmas dinner. My aunt makes the best rolls ever, and I ate way to much, but hey...what else are the holidays for but stuffing are already fat faces with more food? After dinner the family mingled and did a white elephant gift exchange, I got the In and Out gift card, always a good steal. After hanging out for a while everyone left leaving my parents, sister, her husband, Katie, and I to just hang out.
Over-all, this Christmas season was great! I was pleasantly surprised how well Christmas day went with all of the driving and families connecting for the first time on a major holiday. If I could change one thing I would try to be more intentional with some of my time during the Christmas season. Last year I got to help service a little in East L.A. but this year things got away from me and I did not make a point to service anywhere during this season. I also wish that our family could spend some time reflecting on the Christmas story together. I think that would be time well spent.
I hope you all had a great Christmas! Blessings to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random...but be back soon, meaning after my final papers are done

I am sitting debating if I should start the next section of my paper on Talking to Adolescents about sex using the show Gossip Girl or if I should just kill time posting a new blog, since I haven't posted on this thing forever. You can guess which one I chose. Being the Christmas season I have already been to two Christmas parties and still have six to go! I know I am very popular. Actually, working at a church also seems to require attendance at multiple Christmas parties. The one I am looking forward to the most is coming up this Friday, when my house will have it's yearly Christmas Party. This is always my favorite because not only do we have great food, thanks to Jackson Stava, and some great wine, but it is a great time of just hanging out with some really good people. I am sad that some of my good friends, Geoff and Kyle, will not be in attendance this year but it will still be great!
On a total unrelated note...I have been listening to some a lot of music lately and I started thinking about my favorite bands of all time. Now, to set some qualifications on this group, first they have to be a band not just an artist. Second, they have to have put out at least 3 LPs. Thats all the qualifications so here you top 5 bands of all time, as of now.

1. mewithoutYou
2. Sigus Ros
3. Brand New
4. The National
5.Broken Social Scene

Death Cab for Cutie
The Roots
Appleseed Cast