Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My review of the media of 2006

I posted a couple times on my myspace page but I thought that this would make it more offical. So here it is.... view and enjoy.

Top 10 My Favorite CD’s of 2006

The Format – Dog Problems
Copeland – Eat, Sleep, Repeat
MewithoutYou – Brother, Sister
Jeremy Enigk – World Waits
Damien Rice – 9
Brand New – God and the Devil Are Raging Inside Me
Underoath – Define the Great Line
Anathalo – Floating World
Saves the Day – Sound the Alarm
The Appleseed Cast – Peregrine

Honorable Mention of 2006
Destroy the Runner – Saints
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat
Moneen – Red Tree

Top EPs of 2006
Sherwood – Summer EP
Lakes – Photographs EP
The Soft Civil War – Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story)

Top 5 Best Live Performances of 2006
Bright Eyes – The Glasshouse
Jenny Lewis and Twins - The Glasshouse
Anathalo – The Chain Reaction
Copeland – The El Rey
The Appleseed Cast – The El Rey

Biggest Let Downs of 2006
Brandston – Sound the Alarm
He is Legend – Such Out the Poison
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Elan Vital
Thursday – A City by the Light Divided

Best Band/Artist Finds of 2006
Broken Social Scene
Talib Kweli

Most Anticipated for 2007
Thrice – The Elements
Rilo Kiley – Unknown
Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City
Bright Eyes – Cassadaga
Dear and the Headlights – Small Steps Heavy Hooves
Sherwood – A Different Light
Kanye West – Unknown
The Chariot – The Fiancee
As I Lay Dying – Unknown
Panic At the Disco – Unknown

CD’s Hoped for in 2007 but unannounced
Postal Service
Tailb Kweli
Broken Social Scene
Sufjan Stevens

Why I decide to blog?

Well I was sitting at a coffee shop the other day and I started thinking...maybe I should start a blog? So I did. Why? Well...first of all I need to write more in order to improve my writing skills and I hope that this will help do that, while being a good medium to get my thoughts out there for hopefully at least for some to hear. Secondly my sister is moving to South Korea and many of my friends, since college ended, have moved to the far reaches of the world and I thought that this would be a good way for us to keep in a little better communication. Thirdly my roommate Tim has been bugging me to start a blog for the last few months. So, here is my blog! I hope it some how accomplishes all the things above while somehow helping to further the Kingdom of God in best way I guess a blog can.